Being a Blogger

Being a Blogger

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Today I am scribbling to simply speak out my heart out. In Fact after watching a Bollywood movie i.e.  “GullyBoy” last weekend, I am more enthusiastic and excited to follow my heart and speak out my words. It’s about being comfortable in following your passion and never give up on our dreams. Well, let’s come back to our topic. So, to all the Bloggers including from Beginners to the experts, A big Hi-Five from Aziz to everyone out there. Today my complete article is dedicated to all the bloggers who listen to their heart and express them efficiently in words. Trust me guys, it’s not easy and neither everyone’s cup of tea. So, let us share a few of our “Being a Blogger” moment with everyone who is reading this right now.

Who is a Blogger?

  • A Blogger is someone, who keeps their passion alive while completing their responsibilities
  • A Blogger is someone, who respects and understands the writer by reading their articles
  • A Blogger is someone, who promotes their fellow Blogger and enjoy taking challenges
  • A Blogger is someone, who speak their heart out in their blogs
  • A Blogger is someone, who never gives up on their dreams and always believes in a comeback
  • A Blogger is someone, who grows gradually and take care of their blogs as their own baby
  • A Blogger is someone, who believes in himself, works towards their success and is proud of Being a Blogger
  • A Blogger is someone, who sits in silence, listens to his inner voice and frames it perfectly in their words
  • A Blogger is someone, who celebrates and cherish every little moment that comes along his way

Guys, do share your “A Blogger is someone…” moment in the comment and let’s make this more engaging.

Does Blogging make us proud?

Of course! no second thought in that. One of the best feelings comes up when we are busy in our daily chores and someone randomly approaches us saying, dude I read your XYZ article recently and it was great. Sometimes few comments on our blogs too make our day. Even when people recognize us with our Blogs name. We see ourselves growing and feels more stable and content by having our own identity which we call it as our blog, our own baby. Sometimes I see my blog as my Pikachu pokemon. And like a good pokemon trainer, I train my Blog (Pokemon) and participate in events. Just Kidding.

A final message right from my heart

So here’s something from my experience in Blogging. Guys, let’s be versatile and grow ourselves with our amazing community. Being humble is the key, let’s touch the sky without leaving our feet from the ground. Sometimes it is ok to feel down, it is allowed to take a break. But giving up is never allowed. Just gather yourself, log in to your account and start scribbling your heart out. Your words are your identity, it should reflect the real you for the readers. So frame your words well by being in an original way you want it to be. Never leave something that makes you feel alive.

And last but not the least, Believe in yourself, since “Apna time Aayega”. Be proud of being a Blogger as we touch people hearts through our words. That’s all from Aziz! Hope you all might relate to my words. Do share your thoughts guys, It would be like a Red Bull to my dull writing habits. Till then “Happy Blogging”.

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Aritro Chattopadhyay

Oh my God! This post has literally boosted me up. Apna time aa gaya dude. Lets play the game.

Snehal Joshi

Apna time definitely aayega dude..Keep writing and writing..Keep the spirits high alwayss..

Snehal Joshi

Apna time ayega…keep the spirits high always.. much love.

Vidhya Thakkar

Loveddd the article!! Yess apna time aaegaa


I love the definition of a blogger given by you, exactly the same, I think. Yes, I feel so proud and this is absolutely right even one or two positive comments on my post make my day.

Sindhu Vinod Narayan

That’s one great article about us bloggers and gives you that push to move ahead


I truly Agree in following what Heart says and yes hard work pays off.Nice Post


I love the fact that you have written it so genuinely from the bottom of your hear. Just like you mention, I’m proud too being a blogger.

Anurag Singh

Yes be a proud blogger

We are different type of pplz


You said it all right! I am a proud blogger too and this post makes me more proud of myself and our community.

Aritra Chakrabarty

To me, blogging is a means of expression n it makes me feel liberated and empowered.