For the Love of Tea

For the Love of Tea

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Is it a Tea time?

If you ask me, every moment is my favorite tea moment. Many of us would relate to me when it’s all about “TEA”. For some people, it might just be a routine to have it during evening time. But when it comes to a Tea Lover it’s an addiction, an emotion or probably a reason to just stop by and take a sip. I mean, just a simple question to all the tea addicts like me. Guys ! do we need a reason for having a sip of our booster drink called Chai, or Tea? From gossips to making a connection with someone special, amazing things happens over a cup of tea. I know coffee too makes a difference no doubts but having Chai pe Charcha (Conversation over a Tea) is priceless. Am lucky I do have few amazing tapri (Tea Stall) moments where jokes, teasing friends and burning out our office frustration over a cutting chai (a half filled cup of tea served in shot glasses referred to as cutting chai especially in Mumbai) happened.


Opting for Green Tea:

As it’s said, anything in excess causes side effects too. At times I started feeling acidity issues and even my body and belly fats were in deep love with me. Over time their love for me was growing without a thought of giving up on me. So finally as I couldn’t resist my addiction, I started looking for an alternate option. I came across “Green Tea”, a most talked about buzz these days. After going through all its pros and cons, I decided to go with a Green tea detox bottle which will keep my tea fresh all day and would retain all its benefit.


Become a pro green tea maker:

And likewise, if we choose a product to go with, we always go for a good brand which goes long term with us. I preferred INSTACUPPA, one of the renowned brand for Insulated green tea detox bottle and similar products. I selected InstaCuppa Double Walled Borosilicate Glass Green Tea Detox Bottle 450 ML with Steel Infuser Unit.  And it’s easily available on Amazon by following this link:


Why I choose Instacuppa?

  1. It’s completely designed to make nutritional recipes and make their products a style statement too
  2. All products manufactured looks exclusive and durable to carry along on everyday routine
  3. Since its lightweight and uses minimal plastic, it becomes a good travel partner for instant freshness

With a combination of health and freshness and with an ease of using green tea detox bottle, it becomes a good alternative for all the tea addicts like me. Do share your Tea thoughts on the same.

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Sindhu Vinod Narayan

That’s a great post about becoming a pro at making and why to choose instacuppa.

Anurag Singh

Good post nice idea and ya I am Green tea squad and pro tea maker too


A wonderful post!! loved it

Ms Arora

Indeed a great product and right choice. Green tea is indeed better.


Made of insulating double-walled glass, which keeps your tea as warm as possible, and silicone, making it easy to grip, this tea infuser mug comes apart for both easy use and easy cleaning. Instacuppa products are actually amazing.


I so want to have the entire range of instacuppa products after reading such posts. Good going!


Totally relatable as I am a chai addict to it’s like kahi bhi kabhi bhi 🖐️You have summed up this post nicely highlighting the features of the Instacuppa products in a short and concise manner


Hey. Great post. You defined the emotions of tea lovers very nicely.

Pragnya Mishra

Happy green tea drinking to you. Good to see how you were conscious of your health and acted wisely.

Aritro Chattopadhyay

Green tea is always the best option, no doubt. Love the blog post totally.