He, Her and Hookah

He, Her and Hookah

Story, a single word which is associated with almost everyone of us. Almost everyday, weeks or months we keep adding pages to our own story of our life. And if we look back and read our own book am sure you going to read an interesting story which includes Smiles, Sorrows, Experience, Memories etc. What I feel more interesting is spending time with someone you are close to and listening to their stories, experiences, pain and sharing their smallest happiness together. And honestly speaking I am really bad at expressing them, but few days back as usual I was with one of my friend in a lounge where I came across this one. It touched me so closely that I couldn’t stop myself sharing with you all.

So our story starts with…

Sameer, Nope! don’t imagine a handsome hunk as shown in our Bollywood movies. Over here Sameer falls on the other side of our imagination. A below average appearance guy or you can say a bit ugly person who hardly cared about his lifestyle. He was lucky enough to be always surrounded by his besties who always stood by him at all stages so far. And to celebrate every moment all he ever did was feasted on delicious food and Huqqa. So by now you can understand this hungry chap was almost out of his shapes and he never cared for it.

The point where it all began…

At some point of time, there came a moment where every feed refresh of his Facebook account started showing his friends getting married. Relatives, like always started commenting and parents shifted their gears to the next level for searching his bride.Like most of us, even he had only one expectation that her bride should only be for him and not for his status and position in the society. Finally a day came, when he got a watsapp message from one of his bestie. With a girl’s pic it was written, “Bro she is a nice girl, a friend of mine. Meet her, you guys seems to be a good match”.

About Her…

Sana, an Independent decent girl with an amazing smile. What separates her from rest of the girls was her honest and transparent thoughts, courage to stand against the wrong and ofcourse bold and fearless attitude which is less accepted in our society today. Being tired with the traditional arrange marriage expectations, she too wanted someone to understand her and be with her unconditionally. And eventually she called up her same mutual friend who suggested her to meet him.

Slowly things started moving…

Based on his friends advice, he decided to approach her first. After gathering all his confidence he made his first watsapp message next morning. She replied politely and they decided to have a telephonic call. It was noon when his phone got a ring and it showed up her name. There was a sudden butterflies in his stomach, still just like in exam vivas he behaved confident and received her call. Within the short call they both sounded similar and from the same night he started getting the Good night messages. For him it was a smile creating gesture and without giving a next thought he replied the same.

Conversation started flowing between them. Chats became interesting, every notification brought a smile on their face. Their first meet was decided at a last moment while he was travelling to work. He nodded but soon realized, like always he was covered in his ugliness sheet. Completely sweated, weird hairs and a regular pair of denim and a tee. But since he was aiming it to be long term he decided to face the way he was.
With all the confidence he entered the restaurant and look around for her. At a corner table he found her busy in her cell phone. They met, again hesitations were tied up from both the end. It become a mixture of nervousness hesitance and shyness. Our champ never thought he would ever go through such phase.

Moments of smile…

Slowly each other’s likes and dislikes were part of each other life. Even the weird habbits of each other started sounding sexy. Over the regular chats they founded the similar love for the beach sidewalk. So their next meeting point was at Versova beach. Yes it’s the same beach where few days back turtles were found after it was cleaned up. It was a evening time they both took a walk together on a beach side. Cool breeze, comfort of walking on a wet sand that too bare feet and having a warm feeling being with your partner. For him it was a memory worth remember for. They sat together on the bare sand watching the sunset and hearing the sound of waves rushing to the shore. To take their relationship one step further they shared all their bits n pieces with each other and soon realized the time flew instantly.

And here hookah makes an entry…

It was already dark. She was getting late, somehow they managed to take their first selfie together at their favorite beach. While leaving she had a thought, if everything is being transparent then she should share this too. With a low voice she uttered, sometimes I go for a huqqa too. The moment our champ heard this words, there was a wide smile on his face and excitingly he replied, “It’s mine favourite too”. For a moment they felt finding a partner who matches so closely was priceless.

Since they both were die hard fan of huqqa, so their first official date went over a huqqa in one of the romantic lounge. Gifts were exchanged, happiness level being with each other was out of the world. It was being their moment, since the ambiance was with low light added with a soft romantic music in background. And yes above all it was the soothing sheesha with the warmness of being with your partner. They both were thankful to their God for having each other in their life.

From Dating to Relationship…

Conversation took the next level of trust along with it’s blushes and tiny fights. From sorry to miss you being the daily routine, every hour seems wasted if it wasn’t being in touch with each other. They started planning their future, and make the moment happening the way they always dreamed of. Praying together for their relationship was always in their thoughts and to the excitement they decided to make it official soon. With mutual consent they both spoke about their relationship with their families and get them involved as well. Everything was going in their favor. Like a good parents, they agreed and decided to have a official meet so that the dates can be decided. For our couples it was a heavenly feeling. The blushing and bright face we’re clearly observed by their closed ones. They started seeing each other as their soul mate. And honestly who else would not think after getting things sorted out so well. Soon the meeting date happened. Both were groomed well and excited for the evening.

Final Showtime…

It was a weekday, she was dressed in a Orange ethnic wear. Damn she never looked that beautiful. He was bit nervous meeting her family. She was carrying a bubbly blushing and all the craziness from the kitchen constantly observing us all. Finally she came in front of him with a cup of her favourite butterscotch ice cream. For him the whole background got blurred and the only thing he saw was her full heartedly smiling face. The happiness was experienced like never before. After leaving her location the only thing that he carried in his heart was a beautiful girl in orange ethnic wear with her amazing smile on which he always got flattered.

The next morning he was waiting for her regular good morning text which didn’t came. His family started contacting and planning for his marriage. He was down since his phone didn’t blinked with her name from last night. He kept on reaching out to her without getting a response. Finally he got a call from her, he as usual was in a next world simply by hearing her voice. But this time her voice was different. With a pain and being upfront she said, “My family didn’t liked you”. Based on his appearance and looks he was being judged. She was unable to go against her parents choice. Her mother kept a option in front for selecting either him or her mother. For the sake of their parents wish, she decided to kill her relationship and inform him the same. For a moment being on the same call they both remained silent. Finally he said “Take Care” and disconnected the call.


Further, even by now you all guys have figured out what could have happened next. It brought tears in my eyes when I heard this from Sameer. And all I had in my mind was, Are we really sure that our Parents can be right every time?. What if, based on their experience the person they judged proved to be wrong? And if they wanted to choose life partner for their kids, then why did they ask their kids to go out and lookout for the dream partner of their choice?. There were lot many questions, enough to disturb me but all i wanted was to be with Sameer and help him get out of this situation. I really want to ask you all about your thoughts on this story. Do let me know through comment or reaching out to me personally on my mail. My sincere Hats Off to our Society and their expectations.

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Maheena Shaikh
Maheena Shaikh

Very well written, keep it up 🙂
Good going..👍

richa mina

nice story and it brought a very valid question too.