It’s OK to take that Step

It’s OK to take that Step

Being born and brought up in a middle class family, we often came across fears in many ways. Like fear of getting cheated, getting lost in crowd, left alone etc. Over the time it grows that deep inside us that we restrict living our lives and resist all the chances that life put across us.

Am not putting my thoughts to blame any system neither being judged. But today after spending time with myself, observing rains over my hot cup of coffee on a lazy weekend evening, am penning my thoughts to share with you all.

So again, allow me to be a storyteller. This story is about a shy boy called Sajid. A boy who never left home his home alone apart from School and Tuitions. At every stage of life he had a fear accompanying him, i.e. Being getting kidnapped in Childhood, Being cheated in teenage and so on. As a lone child trying to impress everyone he was standing at a point where stepping in darkness made him cry with fear.

But as its been said, Life has lesson for all to teach and upgrade. So speaking about today i.e. after 25 years of his life where Sajid the drastic change guy whom i have known since childhood, shared his key points that he values it even today.

Face your Fear

As per him, we often miss opportunities or chances that life throws across us just because of one word “Fear”. Fear of failure, rejection, getting broken down once again. But what if we see it in a way that if i won, it will be amazing and even if it didn’t worked than there’s always a learning hidden in it. It comes as an experience to make you more strong and grow yourself. Always carry a attitude and courage to get back on feet without giving up on anything and that’s where the attitude for success comes from. 

People says if plan A doesn’t works try for plan B, but our champ says why just only plan B when you have alphabets till Z. And nothing can be that impossible if we dedicate and get behind it. Hesitation for multiple attempts stops us in growing, there will always be words of discouragements, bad words and negativity enough to put us down. But that’s how we learn to be humble and answer all of them with our success.

Value your Friendship Squad

This rare species of people called friends plays a major role in building us, some times by motivating, teasing or simply just sitting with us in our alone time. Some of them will get on your nerves all the time no doubts, but without them we cant even stay far for long. The one relation called friend which we choose, which stays when nobody cares and encourage us in all our weirdness without judging. Life becomes pretty easier in tough times when your friend arrives and say, don’t worry yaar everything would be alright. Lines will never fall short if we keep on saying about friendships but yes, at times just as you even our friends needs us too. Take time for them, value the squad as they gonna be yours for life with no questions asked.

Make the best of now

This is the best moment right here right now. Every moment of our life comes with two option to look at it. Either get down with it and stuck in it or enjoy it with a big smile. I know it feels more philosophical to say, but as per Sajid just live the moment as its neva gonna be repeated again. Be it a dance competition, a live band music, a calligraphy workshop or simply enjoying a warm coffee while watching rains (which currently am doing right now).

Collect memories not dreams

Dreams will always remain as it is if we don’t work for it. Let’s have a action plan for the same. Apart from fulfilling our near ones responsibility, we often forget ourselves and our dreams that keeps us alive and makes us realized that we need a pampering too. Have a checklist, not necessarily every dream is tied with a huge monetary chunk. Spend time with yourself and will find there’s lot many small things that was once your dream and would make you happy and feel alive. So start working on it and create memories out of it, keeping dreams for long also makes us down so work towards it and collect as many memories as we can.

Take that trip

Ahh ! This is something I can better relate to. Infact like most of us even i had missed on many trips. Sometimes just for completing our responsibilities or other commitments we tend to avoid such trips. But agreeing to Saajid even I had experience that taking a trip gives us a good break from the regular hustle of life. We start looking at things from a different perspective all together. Spend time with people from completely different culture or background. It touches us to be more humble, understand the differences and maintain that cute smile. So next time do give a thought and take that trip just for yourself and your happiness.

So overall enough gyaan from baba Saajid now. But yes to summarize in short even i would suggest, it’s not always about carrying the mental burden and running behind deadlines. Sometimes we need to take a pause think about us and just as i said… It’s OK to take that Trip. 

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