ICICI iWish – A flexible saving tool to achieve your financial goals

iWish a term I came across last year when I was checking, or you can say struggling to manage my finances on internet banking during the month end. Like most of us especially my age group folks where we plan a huge mountains and almost imagine ourselves to be the next billionaire in just few years. But eventually end up taking personal loans or swiping our credit cards. And I think it’s almost normal as we all are unaware when our girls will get angry for no reason and then we have to spend extra just to cheer them up. No offense girls, just kidding. But yes we all at some point find it difficult to be on track for our savings and end up either getting frustrated or paying extra through loans.


How iWish can make a difference in achieving your financial goals?

As per my understanding it’s as good as our modern days money box where we can save our money based on our flexibility and get the chunk when we need it. It promotes the concept of goal based savings where we set our goals for saving. For eg. I will create a goal named as “Buying a Bike” for which I would require around 75k and am planning the same bike by next year. So once this goal is created i can simply just deposit my small savings every month. For eg. Jan i deposited 7k while in feb there were less expense so i made it to 10k but eventually in March due to income tax burden i deposited nothing. So this way i have the flexibility of depositing my money based on my saving commitments. The best part about this goals are you can actually monitor your progress. This helps in understanding how far you are from reaching your goal and inspire us to do a bit extra every time. Moving towards the banking side, so it actually works on the principle of Recurring deposits but doesn’t asks for a fixed amount commitment every month. And that’s what i like about this investment tool as for us expenses for every month never remains the same.

It’s been a year i had successfully used this feature from ICICI and certain times used it in times of financial emergencies. I personally recommend this product and looking forward for managing more of my plannings with this tools. I would love to hear from you guys if you have any queries regarding to iWish. Do let me know your feedback at aziz4ever.786@gmail.com. Till then wish you a happily invested life ahead.   

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