Mohammad Ali Road, Mumbai

Mohammad Ali Road, Mumbai

It’s been said, If you are a non veg lover or a foodie staying in Mumbai and has not visited Mohammad Ali Road during the month of Ramadan then you are way behind in to the world of foodies. If you ask me, Mohammad Ali Road is like a paradise of street foods which is available whole night. The complete lane gives you the aroma of Tandoor and all kinds of its delicacies. I had been visiting this place religiously every year since my college days and so had good amount of memories attached to the same.

So for the one who doesn’t knows about Mohammad Ali Road, Its basically an area near Masjid bandar station in Mumbai. But particularly the lane of Minara Masjid where the complete street food carnival goes on for the whole night during Ramadan and is referred to as Mohammad Ali Road. Due to its popularity, it’s always crowded and at times we have to struggle finding a place for munching.

This year when I visited this place recently, I observed few college students cracking laughter over dinner together, some were busy taking selfies and few of them were waiting and curiously staring in others plate. So, as i heard somebody saying that it’s just good for those who loves non veg. But over the year I had found enough dishes which can be enjoyed by veg lovers too. Let me share my list of checklist which must be tried once you are at Mohammad Ali Road, So here we go:


  • Rabdi Malpua

One of the must have specialty without which the purpose of visiting this place is incomplete. Specially available during the month of Ramadan with an add on cup of Rabdi which takes its taste to the next level. Rabdi Malpua is a delight for all the foodies visiting this place. For vegetarians who can have egg can also go for the same since it is made up of White flour (Maida) and Egg. To enjoy its authentic taste, do try it from a shop called Noorani which serves one of the best rabdi malpua in that lane.


  • Masala Milk

Another best offering from Noorani Shop. Masala Milk comes with a uniform flavored milk seasoned with all the dry fruits to enhance its taste. Quench your thirst with this cold flavored milk and experience its unique taste. So one more checked item for our Veg team.


  • Fruit Salad

A mix fruit salad dipped in pink caramel served in a small cup. And yes this is too available at Noorani Shop specially for all the desserts lover. It comes in a takeaway cup as well in case your tummy bloats and wants to schedule this for later round of eats.


  • Phirni

Phirni is one of the traditional dishes served during the occasion of Ramadan or Eid. It comes in plain, strawberry and some other flavors too but i usually prefer the plain as it gives the authentic taste of a phirni. U would notice this dish in a brown colour mud cup with some dry fruits garnished on it. The best one to try over here is from Suleman Usman Shop.


  • Saandan

I heard and came across this dish for the first time at Mohammad Ali road itself. On a local stalls its served as a white circular disc with slight thick sweetener on it. Basically it’s been prepared from rice or we can say a sweet rice cake with a unique taste.


  • Rabdi and Mawa Jalebi

It’s one of my favorite of all time. Dark brown coloured with thick filling of mawa, a unique jalebi that comes with a delicious rabdi as a topping on it. Having this combination tastes like a heavenly feeling with all the Jalebi getting melted in your mouth with a blended taste of rabdi. For me usually the trip is incomplete without having a rabdi and mawa jalebi. And yes this robust combination is available at the famous JJ Jalebi shop which gives you the authentic taste and feel. It’s mouth watering right? Well still we have six more to go.


  • Kebabs

This includes all kind of kebabs which we usually see decorated outside each shop on the streets. Green coloured, white, red, yellow, a wide range of colourful kebabs would be seen on each stall. Almost all shops taste the same but I usually prefer Janta shop for kebab and tikka’s and Seekh parathas. So far only here vegetarians had to find a alternative.


  • Tandoori’s

Get the taste of authentic Tandoori chicken dishes served here. Majority of the crowd visiting this place prefer it as it’s quite known and to avoid ordering the dish which we are not sure about can be risky too. Even this can be tried in most of the shops as almost all tasted the same.


  • Batair tandoori

Batair is basically a small kind of chicken which is usually seen during this month. Though it comes less in quantity but the taste this bird has, is better than a traditional chicken. Even this can be easily available in almost all shops.


  • Baida Roti

Baida roti is simply the egg blended with a paratha kind of rotis but the taste and the ingredients used are unique which makes it a favorite for some of the foodies visiting this place. Also this comes up in almost every shop with similar taste.


  • Shawarma

An arabian delight, now a days shawarma had gained its popularity among us with its delectable taste and mayonnaise dip fillings including shredded chicken. The best place to try this is with Shalimar restaurant.


  • Haleem

Haleem one more dish which is traditionally available and can be tasted at this place. Ideally Bade miyan is the shop name for haleem but you can give it a try in other shops too as almost all serves with good taste.

The list is endless, and all this is hardly achievable to taste in one visit. But being at that place and experiencing the vibrant atmosphere is truly a memorable moment. Being a foodie, am always available to get treats at such places. Do comment, Your thoughts or any plans you have for my surprise treats here and I would be happy to accompany you all. 🙂


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Aritra Chakrabarty

I have never been to Mohammad Ali Road but have heard of it. Surely want to visit after this.

richa mina

wow, it’s mouthwatering to just by reading the post. I’ll certainly try Mohammad Ali road on my next visit to Mumbai.

Sameera Shaikh
Sameera Shaikh

Assalam walekum to all 🙂 I am new to the City bt Yes i have gone to mohammed Ali road with my two more friends in the holy month of ramazan. As described by Mr.Aziz this place is really mouth watering which u can’t forget and really u don’t belive i have never seen such place where ull get variety of food. I Must say if you are foodie and that too non veg, believe me guys this place is jst heaven for them 😍. It is said Mumbai is crowded bt the crowd during ramazan is amazing. Thank you… Read more »