Pavana Camping, Lonavala

Pavana Camping, Lonavala

It’s my first travel blog, my experience for camping at Pavana Lake. So to start with, it was a boys trip who shares the same level of dirty mind. Almost all kind of characters including a Priest personality, a Tharki, a photographer, a biker, a chatterbox, a foodie, and of course a victim on whom most of the jokes were projected.

Based on the time decided none of them reached the meeting point on time except few. As usual “Am on the way, nearby…” was the common dialogue. Finally somehow the journey started. Glares were on, DSLR was out of their bags, party songs in the background and a speedy smooth ride on a highway. Mahindra TUV 300, Hyundai I20 active and a Royal Enfield Bullet family were our companions. Since I was in my favourite TUV, we still had to keep a track on others with constant dialogues on call like “Kaha tak pohcha… Aaj pohoch pauge ya nahi” (Where have you reached so far, would you able to reach today “in sarcastic way”)

Our first stop was at Mulaqaat restaurant in Lonavala. All the old buddies were united and still our Bullet family was somewhere away. So like a good bestie we decided to give priority to lunch first and moved quickly inside. One dish for all, said our so called Maalik and we had lunch without any distraction. Somehow the Bullet gang reached later, by that time we were done with our desserts and so we waited outside roasting each other.

The journey were resumed, but this time the cars were together and bullets followed back. We came across a photogenic exotic location which made us to apply brakes and get down for a photo shoot. Am not sure about the location name but it actually looked like some person like the famous Manjhii had cut and separated the mountain in to two and made a road out of it. Let me flaunt our clicks taken here,

That’s our car…

Gangs of Pavana-pur

By following and overtaking each other we reached the location at 4:00 pm. After leaving the baggages in tent we went exploring the location. It was soothing and calm, a place you can sit and spent hours watching the still water and experience the cool breeze. I enjoyed capturing the view after a long time on my DSLR. By the time I was done with my clicks, the cricket was already started. I didn’t remembered when was the last time I played any sport and I haven’t seen a person playing cricket as bad as me. But yeah, since no one is perfect so we played for a while. All of a sudden the Archery game catched your attention and the Bahubali sleeping inside us were awaken. More than aiming the target we were more in to posing and capturing slow motion shots so that at least some deva sena might get impress accidentally. Later we did tried our hands on Volleyball and some other sports. Finally Barbeque was served with some marinated chicken. Initially we burnt few valuable pieces but yes later we learnt the trick and enjoyed the self made Barbeque chicken with Party songs in the background.

Later dinner were served which tasted the local village flavoured getting us back to the childhood memories. After dinner taking a walk under a moon light with twinkling stars above your head and a goddamn chilling weather was something really unforgettable. We did played UNO as well and the it was well dominated by the Cheaters who eventually won the game. Around 3:00 am we went in our tents, compressed ourselves something like this,

Compressed inside the tent

The next morning was refreshing. Our tents were wet with the morning dews and after unzipping the tent we saw the early Sunrise. Breakfast came up with Tea and Poha which was like the best thing happened at that moment. Bags were packed up along with all the memories, moments, bonding and some really good time spent. We left the location early in the afternoon and with a smiling face and tired sleepy body we were back to pavilion. I would strongly say, Guys Take that Road Trip, Camp at such location and Travel your heart out to meet the real you.

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