That’s how I celebrate Eid

That’s how I celebrate Eid

Belated Eid Mubarak everyone,


Since childhood, I had been thought to share my happiness always with your close ones. And since Eid is about forgetting your sorrows and celebrate happiness with all the people that matter in your life. So! Today Abdul Aziz Shaikh (of course that’s me), is here to celebrate this amazing occasion with my readers. So for me, it’s not just about Biryani and Sheer Khurma all day, It’s more exciting than that, specially Ramzan Eid. So, here’s how I celebrate my way of Ramzan Eid.


Eid Morning:

It’s the major excitement moment, as after fasting for a month this day comes as a reward to be celebrated. My morning starts with being the last person to wake up and yes with my mother shouting at me to be on time at least on a day of Eid. After getting ready dates is being served to nome and Dad before leaving for Eid Salah (namaz). Being next to Dad trying to copy his style and be like him, we take our step towards the Eid gaah (A place where Eid namaz is offered).

After praying Eid Salah, I greet Eid Mubarak first to my Mentor, my role model that’s, of course, my Dad. There’s immense happiness that runs through inside us when we greet and hug each other with a clear heart. And one thing which I like is that is the time we can greet all our known people and get time for them.

Returning to home we take a different route and keep meeting people on the way to home. Finally, once we enter the home, I see my Mom waiting for us for Eid greetings. And then finally the amazing Sheer kurma starts pouring in our tummy. But here more than that am interested in the next session where I get some monetary gifts from Mom and Dad as an Eidi. Obviously, we all like money, isn’t it?  

In the meantime, we start getting calls from all the family relatives and friends for Eid greetings. There’s a mix of happiness, laughter and some hidden smiles in every call. Some calls are from the relatives who are abroad and missed being with us on such occasion too. You see how people enjoy celebrating eid with me. So that’s how my Eid morning we spent completely engaging with all my loved ones.


Noon time:

Afternoon comes with the best part of the day. Yes, it’s finally a biryani time !!. All the family member sit together to feast on delicious mom made Biryani. Remembering it’s yummies taste still waters my mouth. But yes that’s one of my favorite part of the day. Unexpectedly I get so much involved into it that I end up overeating followed up by a sleep like there’s no tomorrow.

At this point of time, if we look outside my place, we will find a group of kids dressed in the latest attires, Pocket full with eidi’s and running behind fairy rides. A different kind of enthusiasm, smiles, and happiness will be seen on everyone’s face where each of them celebrates the day of happiness forgetting all their pains. Well, it’s still not over yet.

Evening time:

This part of the day is to get dressed back again and reconnect with all our loved ones. And yes, for me one more attempt to collect eidi from my elders. But from last few years I had to pay back to my younger cousins too, one of the bad parts of being grown up.

Being in this busy lifestyle we often forget to acknowledge or find less time to spend with people who matter in our life. And that’s what we get to do at such occasion. I usually connect with all my cousins and old friends, besties who are as busy as me in their own priorities. Still finding time for it and living such moments, adds more value at least for me in my life.

So it becomes a celebration of reconnecting with all those relations which we failed to care due to our hectic busy life.


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Aritra Chakrabarty

Every festival is so beautiful when spent with loved people. I loved reading ur post and connected heart to heart with the happiness 😊😊


Your post reminded me of my times when I was working for ANI and we journalist we often break the fast together. At times I would carry see sweets for my friends so that after eating dates they could sit and eat with us.

vidhya thakkar

woow! loved this article! I love festivals as it connects us with the people we love again!! #Superbloggerchallenge

Anurag Singh

That was cool festivals are always fun

Aritro Chattopadhyay

I love celebrating festivals with people. Festivals make us cheer up in depressing moments as well. Love this post.

Richa MIna

in your words you’ve shared the real essence of every festival. love, joy and togetherness of festivals makes them unique

Snehal Joshi

“Being in this busy lifestyle we often forget to acknowledge or find less time to spend with people who matter in our life” So true!! Hope you enjoy many more eids to come and may allah bless you

Sindhu Vinod Narayan

Very good to know how you spent the day during festival. Keep smiling.

Vartika Gakhar

Direct from the heart post, loved how you narrated it, I could actually visualize everything. Time spent with the family is no less than a celebration and when its festival, it adds more to the fun coz it’s about togetherness and being happy.


It was a heart warming description of a festive day well spent. Your narrative is very engaging and made things come alive in front of me. Keep it up!

Pragnya Mishra

The beauty of festivals enhances when we celebrate together with our loved ones. Loved the spirit of post.

Neha Sharma

Loved reading how you celebrate Eid. Every festival has this charm that it brings even the distant relatives closer & gives another chance to become friends from enemies.


Festivals are like glue in our life. That keeps us attached to relationships in society. When we are together as a family, friends, and society it creates a sense of unity. Unity is the most powerful weapon to fight with any obstacle in life.

Sitharaam Jayakumar

Thanks for giving us a detailed account of the Eid festival. I enjoyed reading your post thoroughly.


we loved visiting our college friends at their home during Eid Festival to relish the delicacies especially Biryani. Love to know your Eid Routine and took me back to my college days